FAQ – Answer to all your website questions

What is holistic web design?

The term “holistic” is derived from the Greek word holos, meaning “whole”.

From a holistic point of view, we understand that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Because everything in nature and in the universe is interconnected and working together as a whole.

Holistic web design is an approach where the website being designed is besides a coherent whole, also part of something bigger.

This takes into account the entire user experience and all aspects of the project are nicely coordinated, both visually and functionally.

Holistic design also considers specific goals, quality of content, logical structure and the visitor’s journey. In doing so, appearance, identity, current trends and other factors can also influence the overall user experience.

Have a website made or do it yourself?

Today anyone can make his/her own website. You buy a WordPress theme or use a free template, and that’s what you fill in.

Maybe you tried it that way and found that it didn’t look as wonderful as you hoped and that the options are limited. After all, you can’t customise such a theme to your personal requirements. You have to adapt to the template and sometimes forcibly fill in certain content.
Moreover, the result ends up being a hollow box. It looks ok at the front, but at the back there is nothing optimised for search engines like Google.

If you get a website customised, not only does it look more professional and natural, but behind the scenes, the content and structure works for your SEO and your website gets in front of clients looking for you. This is where the knowledge of a website specialist makes all the difference.

How much does a website cost?

The total cost of a website is twofold and consists of one-off costs and annual recurring costs.

One-off, you pay the web designer to design and develop the website.
Annual recurring costs include hosting, domain name registration and maintenance.

What is the price for website design and development?

The price for having a website created by a professional depends on several factors such as the size or scope of your site (number of web pages, multiple languages) and the complexity of the design.

Furthermore, it depends on which tools or functionalities you need, such as a booking system, an online learning platform, a web shop,…
Integration of additional software ultimately affects the total price. You also have to take into account which services (e.g. copywriting) are included.

Expect an investment starting at € 3750. But every project is different and unique. The free website consult is an opportunity to explore your website needs. You will then receive a tailored offer with options to suit your specific needs. Apply now

Why choose WordPress to develop a website?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS or Content Management System worldwide.

It is very user-friendly, allowing you to easily manage and modify your own website after development, without programming experience.

The system is flexible and offers many options. Thus, it can easily be further expanded when you want to add new tools or functionalities to your website.

How long does it take to build a website?

Depending on the size, scope and complexity of the website, development can take from a few weeks to months.

A basic website or online business card takes on average 5 weeks from the start of the project to the delivery of the complete website online.

How is working together with you?

Those who work with me are taken on a personal journey. I guide you online through the entire process of creating your ideal website.

Based on your wishes and goals, we develop the look & feel and the site structure. Aligned with your offer and your vision, I create a customized design that fits you perfectly. We bring all this together in an attractive professional WordPress website with high-quality content and all the tools your business needs. You also receive a personal manual with your website with which you can easily make adjustments yourself.

Perhaps you already have a clear vision from the start. Maybe you like to be advised. Ultimately, you are free to choose to what extent you are involved in each phase of the design.

And it is always possible to expand your website further on a modular basis if you need extra functionalities in the future. I am happy to think along with you about what is needed today and later to make your website grow together with your business.

Do I need a logo, corporate identity and photos for my website already before starting?

You can but not necessarily. As a graphic designer, I can help you design your logo and appropriate personal branding.

If you don’t have your own professional photos (yet), we can start with free stock photos that you can replace later if necessary.

Any further questions?